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    Charmulet Reveals a Special Mother’s Day Gift Idea with New 14K Gold Plated Mom’s Heart Charm Inscribed with a Child’s Message

    Charmulet, the Brooklyn-based designer of original charms and charm bracelets, debuted today its Mom's Heart Charm ($15.90) as a new Mother's Day gift idea. It captures the special bond of love only a mother and child share. Charmulet's Mom's Heart Charm is sweet, petite and a special piece of jewelry Mom can keep close to her always. Its delicate size makes it a very private sentimental keepsake gift Mom will treasure and wear always, whether to work, with a little black dress or even jeans.

    The Mom's Heart Charm is a simple gold heart with the inscription "Love You Mom" written in a font that is similar to a child's handwriting. It can be paired as a gift with Charmulet's 14k gold plated chain ($9.90) that can be adjusted to be worn at 17", 18" or 19".

    This newest charm, and all Charmulet charms, can be worn on Charmu let's specially designed bracelet ($44.90). The bracelet is free of any nickel, lead or cadmium. This special bracelet features multiple spring links which allow Mom to easily add and change the Charmulet charms she wears on it. Links on the bracelet can be added or removed to adjust, providing a customized size without the need for a jeweler.

    What makes all of Charmulet's durable charms special is that each is an original design and carefully made to emulate and move realistically exactly like the object they represent. Charms are interactive and open, close, twist or turn. Charmulet's charms focus on the whimsical world of the miniature with more than 20 to choose from for any occasion.

    From a tiny piano that opens to reveal sheet music, to a camera, pocketbooks and teapots which open, to a tiny crayon box that opens to expose tiny colored crayons – new designs are always being introduced which are limited only by the imagination. With upcoming graduat ions in May and June, Charmulet even has a graduation cap charm with a moving tassel – a perfect gift for the new grad.

    Charmulet charms range in price from $13.90 to $39.90 and are available for purchase at Charmulet or on Amazon.com.

    Media Contact for Product Requests 
    RPR Public Relations, Inc. 
    Tel. 786-290-6413


    Charmulet Selects RPR Public Relations to Manage its North American PR Campaign for the World’s Most Original Charms

    Charmulet, the Brooklyn-based jewelry company and designers of the world’s most original charms and charm bracelets, taps RPR Public Relation’s consumer products division to provide public relations, branding and strategic communications counsel. The PR firm will manage both B2B and B2C public relations for Charmulet in North America.


    PORTLAND, Maine (PRWEB) December 18, 2017 -- RPR Public Relations, Inc., a leading public relations firm with a global reach specializing in assisting startups and small businesses, today announced it has been selected by the Brooklyn-based jewelry company Charmulet to manage its North American PR campaign. The
    consumer products division of RPR Public Relations will provide Charmulet with public relations, strategic communications counsel, enhance brand awareness, develop key brand messages and manage media relations for the jewelry company. Charmulet’s Founder and CEO Cindy Greenspan is a gemologist who graduated from
    the Gemological Institute of America and grew up under the spell of Manhattan’s 47th Street, the famed diamond district, where her father was a noted jeweler.

    “We’re thrilled to have RPR Public Relations managing our PR campaign in North America as we launch our new line of the most original and enchanting charm bracelets and charms which open, close, twist and turn just like the objects they represent in real life,” said Cindy Greenspan, Founder and CEO of Charmulet. “Each new
    charm design is caringly crafted with the highest attention paid to even the smallest detail. Our jewelry is unique because everyone who picks it up smiles. Our jewelry is of the highest quality, while still being affordable, and each design is original - you won’t find anywhere else. We feel RPR Public Relations is the right choice to spread Charmulet's brand message of whimsy, joy and delight,” concluded Greenspan.

    “There’s something magical about each of Charmulet’s charms and we’re honored to be selected to manage their PR campaign,” said Ria Romano, Partner, RPR Public Relations, Inc. “While our branding expertise and expertise in the jewelry industry makes us the right partner for Charmulet, there is something ethereal about these charms which open, move and twist. Everyone who touches, wears or holds them just can’t stop smiling.”

    For more information visit https://www.charmulet.com/ or https://www.romanopr.com/



    Charmulet Debuts Unique Jewelry Gift Ideas for Black Friday with New High Quality 14K Gold Plated Charms with Charm Bracelets

    Finding Black Friday deals is easy with the high-quality 14K gold plated charms which move, twist and open from Charmulet. Each enameled charm is a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry and the charm bracelets come with an attractive gift box and free shipping.

    BROOKLYN, N.Y. (PRWEB) November 24, 2017 -- Black Friday deals abound with the new charms and charm bracelets from Brooklyn-based Charmulet. They will delight anyone on a Chanukah or Christmas holiday gift list who loves unique jewelry. What makes Charmulet’s durable 14K gold plated charms special is
    that each is an original design and carefully made to emulate and move realistically exactly like the object they represent. All charms are interactive and open, close, twist or turn.

    Charmulet charms range in price from $13.90 to $33.90 and are available for purchase at Charmulet or on Amazon.com. All charms come with an attractive and well-made gift box. Like Charmulet on Facebook for the latest news on upcoming new charm designs, specials and sales.

    Choose from 22 different charm designs, including these original charms:

    • Dreidel charm that opens to reveal Chanukah gelt ($23.90), available in two different colors.

    • Additional Jewish charms include a small and large Siddur (prayer book) that reminds its wearer to daven (pray) for a friend or loved one.

    • For the social butterfly, a 14K gold plated cell phone that opens and closes ($13.90).

    • For the photographer or traveler, a camera charm, available in two different colors that opens in the back where film would load ($19.90).

    • For the best friends, a best friend heart charm that comes in two separate pieces of a single divided heart.

    • Keep one half of the heart and give the other to a very special friend to let them know friendship is forever ($24.90).

    • For the musician, a piano charm with a cover that opens and closes to reveal tiny sheet music ($23.90).

    • For the foodie two different teapots with lids which open – one bright green with a ruffled top and delicate tulip flowers on the sides ($23.90) and an exotic black teapot with bursts of colorful flowers on it ($23.90).

    • For the fashionista, a petite pocketbook available is five different colors – beige, gray, purple, pink or denim ($14.90). The pocketbook flap opens and snaps closes.

    • For the cyclist, a bicycle charm with wheels that move ($17.90).

    • For a personalized holiday gift, a 14K gold plated initial locket featuring the first letter of a first or last name on the outside locket. This initials locket charm opens and closes, allowing a photo to be placed inside ($14.90).

    All charms easily connect to the Charmulet Charm Bracelet ($49.90), however charms are not compatible with any other bracelets or manufacturers. The Charmulet Charm bracelet is made of high quality 14K gold plated brass and is free of any nickel, lead or cadmium. Multiple spring links make it easy to add or change the Charmulet charms worn. Links can be added or removed easily in just a minute to adjust the size of the Charmulet bracelet without the need for a jeweler.

    Visit https://www.charmulet.com/ for more information or to purchase charms and charm bracelets. There is no charge for shipping on all orders until January 1, 2018 when the coupon code FREESHIP is entered at checkout.