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    The Idea

    Cindy Greenspan, the founder of Charmulet, was raised with a golden spoon in her mouth. She grew up under the spell of Manhattan's 47th Street, the famed diamond district, where her father was a jeweler. She spent those years blissfully unaware that jewelry came in anything other than 18k gold and smothered in diamonds, rubies and valuable gems. Cindy also developed a passion for adorable dangling charms. After earning her degree as graduate gemologist from the renowned Gemological Institute of America, Cindy founded Charmulet with the goal of creating affordable yet high quality charm bracelets which would delight anyone who saw them. Her vision became a reality and now you can purchase her unique, original high-quality charms which open, close, twist, turn – and have a personality all their own.


    Style & Quality
    Our charms are literally an expression of the world around us – only in miniature. It takes several months to design each new dazzling enameled charm. Best of all, our charms quality and originality are truly unsurpassed – there’s nothing like them anywhere else in the world. Each is carefully designed to do something and be exciting, fun and inspiring! Come share our passion for all things petite and precious at Charmulet.


    What's Next?
    We’re obsessed with re-creating the world in miniature and we’re always working on designing a new adorable charm. We want to continually delight and excite you with an unpredictable, moveable new charm you just can’t wait to wear and show your friends. Or give as a gift. We know no limits – our universe is full of tiny, colorful, moveable, eye-catching and engaging replicas of everyday life. All of our customers become repeat customers for a reason – because we are the absolute best at creating high quality charms which will make you say, “I must have that charm – it’s adorable!”